To Life

Simple Creature is a fun-size digital design and interactive animation studio in Burlington, VT.

We seek out challenging and fulfilling projects that combine design and technology in unique ways.

Video & Animation

If it travels across a screen, it's in our wheelhouse. We deliver work that is highly creative, yet strategically crafted, to convey the proper message for our clients.

No matter the medium or project scope, we will obsess over the finest details to create original artwork that we will all be proud of.

Web Design & Apps

Our approach to building quality interactive media always starts with questions. What is the goal? Who are we talking to? How do we reach them? As these questions are answered, we begin constructing a roadmap to address what we've uncovered.

With our strategies in place, we execute both insightful designs and responsive architecture to ensure our findings are seen across all platforms.

Our services continue through launch and beyond to ensure your project is performing at its best.

Interactive Experiences

The crossroads of so many different mediums, technologies, and genres provides for a wealth of storytelling opportunities.

If it’s large-scale, artful, or encourages people to interact, we’re into it. If it’s small-scale, bizarre, or ambient, we’re into that too.

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